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Review: Native Instruments Intakt V1.01 - A Powerful Loop Sampler

Review: Native Instruments Intakt v1.01 - A Powerful Loop Sampler

Native Instruments Intakt v1.01 is a loop sampler plugin based on the Kontakt sampling engine. It offers three sampler modes: Beat Machine, Time Machine and Sampler mode, each with different features and options for manipulating loops and samples. Intakt also includes a modulation section, an integrated effects section and a 1.2 gigabyte loop library by Zero-G and East West[^1^].

Review: Native Instruments Intakt v1.01 - A Powerful Loop Sampler

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Intakt is designed to be easy and intuitive to use, with a user-friendly interface and file browser. It also supports MIDI file export and total recall of settings. Intakt can sync loops to MIDI tempo, and also has a keyboard quantise function that lets you trigger loops in time with your host sequencer. Intakt also has a latching function that lets you play loops continuously without holding down keys.

Intakt is a powerful and versatile loop sampler that can handle a wide range of musical styles and genres. It can create complex rhythmic patterns, atmospheric textures, melodic phrases and more. Intakt is suitable for both live performance and studio production, as it allows you to quickly and easily create dynamic loop-based music.

However, Intakt also has some drawbacks and limitations. For example, it does not support drag and drop of loops from your computer or other plugins. It also has some bugs and compatibility issues with some hosts and operating systems[^3^]. Some of the new features in v1.01 are not very user-friendly or useful, such as the crossfader and the quantise function[^2^]. Intakt could also benefit from more editing options and features for looping tools.

Overall, Intakt is a great loop sampler plugin that offers a lot of functionality and flexibility for working with loops and samples. It has a high-quality sound engine, a large loop library and a simple interface. However, it also has some flaws and room for improvement that could make it even better.

How to Use Intakt

Intakt has a simple and intuitive interface that consists of four main sections: the header, the browser, the main panel and the keyboard. The header contains global settings and controls, such as tempo, volume, MIDI channel and engine mode. The browser allows you to navigate through your computer's file system and load loops and samples into Intakt. The main panel displays the parameters and options for the selected loop or sample, depending on the engine mode. The keyboard shows the key mapping of the loaded loops and samples, and also lets you trigger them with your mouse or computer keyboard.

Intakt has three engine modes that determine how loops and samples are played back and manipulated: Beat Machine, Time Machine and Sampler. Each mode has its own advantages and disadvantages, depending on the type and purpose of the loop or sample. You can switch between modes by clicking on the corresponding buttons in the header.

Beat Machine Mode

Beat Machine mode is designed for working with rhythmic loops that have a clear tempo and meter. It automatically slices the loop into individual beats or sub-beats, and assigns them to consecutive keys on the keyboard. You can then trigger the slices in any order or combination, creating new variations and patterns from the original loop. You can also adjust the pitch, volume, pan, filter and envelope of each slice individually, using the Individual Slice Edit (ISE) function.

Beat Machine mode is ideal for remixing, re-arranging and transforming drum loops, percussion loops, bass loops and other groove-based material. It also supports Recycle files (REX/RX2), which are pre-sliced loops that contain additional information about tempo, pitch and timing. Intakt can read this information and use it to sync the loop to your host sequencer's tempo, as well as transpose it to any key without affecting its length.

Time Machine Mode

Time Machine mode is designed for working with melodic loops that have a variable tempo or meter. It uses a granular synthesis technique to stretch or compress the loop to match your host sequencer's tempo, without affecting its pitch. You can also transpose the loop to any key without affecting its length, using the Tune knob.

Time Machine mode is ideal for adapting vocal loops, guitar loops, synth loops and other melodic material to your project's tempo and key. It also preserves the natural feel and expression of the loop, as it does not slice it into discrete segments. However, it may introduce some artifacts or glitches when stretching or compressing the loop too much.

Sampler Mode

Sampler mode is designed for working with one-shot samples that do not have a specific tempo or meter. It plays back the sample as it is, without any slicing or time-stretching. You can adjust the pitch, volume, pan, filter and envelope of the sample using the standard sampler parameters.

Sampler mode is ideal for playing back sound effects, hits, stabs and other single-shot sounds that do not need to be synced or transposed. It also allows you to use Intakt as a conventional sampler plugin, loading multiple samples into different keys on the keyboard. 04f6b60f66


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