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About Us

 'Best School for Future Readiness' - 8th Zamit International School Awards  
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A child’s natural and essential environment is his/her home and the best teacher – the mother. Nevertheless, around the age of eighteen to twenty months a child needs another environment, a wider field of exploration with other children, an educational and playful environment that caters to the needs felt at that time. And this is where Pumpkin House, with its warm colourful secure environment steps in.


Our board based program is designed to whet the children’s appetite for a lifetime of learning and to spark off the thrill in contributing new ideas. For true education, after all is not the filling of a pail but the igniting of a fire and we believe that this fire is best kindled in the child’s early formative years. During this crucial period, children develop essential language and cognitive skills required to learn, develop their ability to manage emotions and stress and learn to work and play with one another.

We at Pumpkin House believe that we can aid this development in children through time tested ways of free play, learning to express themselves through art, language and music, all while nurturing the natural growth of the children in a secure friendly environment .

Health & Safety

Great stress is laid on having a clean, hygienic environment and developing healthy habits which are appropriately role modelled by the teachers and all other members of the staff. Strict rules are followed for maintaining cleanliness & hygiene and policy for contagious diseases is clearly laid out. Every effort is made to see that every child is safe and secure. Besides that the equipment used is also very child friendly and safe.


In this time of the pandemic, we have ensured that all staff members on the premises have been fully vaccinated and utmost care is being taken to sanitise the premises on a regular basis.

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- A very important landmark in the history of Pumpkin House as it completes nineteen years of excellence in Early childhood education on the 1st of Sept, 2022


- Excellent placement of Pumpkin House children in the best schools of Gurugram when they graduate to regular schools


- Most admissions to Pumpkin House take place by word of mouth on the recommendation of friends and colleagues who have been former parents.


- Almost all younger siblings come back to Pumpkin House as parents have enjoyed their first experience here.


- Children from Pumpkin House are well spoken with a vast vocabulary, independent, can adjust in new situations and are generally aware of the world around them.

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