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Diverse Learning Environment

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A loving  comfortable environment is equally important and Pumpkin House spread over an area of 1200 sq yards, with multiple floors for ample space, is a step ahead with lush green lawns, a spacious play ground area, air conditioned classrooms, activity areas, computers and multimedia, latest audio-visual aids, splash pool, ball pool, safe and challenging out door and indoor play equipment, latest in toys and learning equipment, colourful books, story time yoga, and lots more.

Holistic Development

We provide a teacher facilitated and child oriented curriculum to ensure the all round development of each child, with focus on the behavioural and motivational aspects of different age groups and do various psychological and social assessments and specially see that childhood should not be lost

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Activity Room

At Pumpkin House we encourage children to express themselves through different media, be it dance, music, art, drama & role play, show & tell and various other self expressive activities. This is encouraged when they go the Activity room which has different centres. The children can go to the centre of their choice and learn there. The Activity room provides centres related to the their daily life—Be it the kitchen & dining area, the play area, the shopping area or the bedroom area.Thus the children learn to exercise their choices and make decisions. We, at Pumpkin house strive to ensure that we give a safe, healthy and nurturing space for our children to learn and grow and try to instill the right values in them.

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