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Watch Kaleidoscope S01E02 !!EXCLUSIVE!!

On September 16, 2021, it was revealed that Netflix had given an eight-episode order for the series, then titled Jigsaw. Eric Garcia serves as creator, writer, and executive producer, along with EPs Ridley Scott, David W. Zucker, Jordan Sheehan, Fred Berger, Brian Kavanaugh-Jones, Justin Levy, and Russell Fine. The series is produced by Scott Free Productions and Automatik Entertainment.[2] It was announced that Everardo Gout and Mairzee Almas would each direct two episodes.[3] It was also announced Robert Townsend would direct multiple episodes of the series.[4] The series is structured in a non-linear order so that viewers can choose the order in which they watch the episodes leading up to the finale.[2][5][6]

Watch Kaleidoscope S01E02

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Each episode bears a title associated with a hue or color, which distinctly relates to the main element of that particular episode. The story spans from twenty-four years before the heist to six months after the heist.[7] Netflix tweeted suggestions of different orders in which viewers could watch the episodes; for example, as a Quentin Tarantino film, referencing nonlinear films of his like Pulp Fiction; or as a classic detective story.[8] Netflix's approach of presenting the first seven episodes in any order followed by the White episode allows for 5,040 (7!) permutations. Watching all episodes (including "White") in any order allows for a total of 40,320 (8!).[9] However, Dais Johnston of Inverse noticed that Netflix's recommended orders always ended with "Red" and "Pink" before "White", hinting at 120 (5!) permutations.[10]

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The series is propelled by the peculiarity of the format, which allows viewers to watch the episodes in any order they please, yielding thousands of possible permutations. This also causes a dynamic shift in how episodes and series are perceived and felt.

At the motel, Charlotte makes conversation with one of their workers, Wyatt. He convinces her to hang out with him and his brother, Three, and Charlotte leaves Jonah to watch the room. Marty talks to strip club owner Bobby Dean. He initially seems to strike a deal, but Bobby turns him down when Marty denies that he would use the business to launder money.

All eight episodes of Kaleidoscope (which are color-coded) are now available to stream for anyone with a Netflix subscription, but please take note, there is more than one way to watch the inventive crime saga unfold.

If you are looking for more shows to watch (not just those exclusive to Netflix) after watching Kaleidoscope (once, twice, or multiple times), check out our 2023 TV schedule for all the latest on those new and returning series that we'll all soon be talking about.

The episode begins by introducing us to Martin, the leader of the group of survivors who followed Simone home from the hospital. In the early days of the plague, he was a soldier who was sent to guard the edges of the quarantine zone. When his troop arrived at their assigned location, he was sent straight out, for first watch.

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