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[S4E8] Exposure Free

Catherine gets a page that she has a visitor at the front desk. There, Howard's brother, James, hands her a package mailed to him by Howard two days ago. Inside, there are five rolls of a film as well as a note that reads "If I get arrested, use these to help me." Catherine and Archie look over the photo negatives, where it appears that Julie was photographed wearing different clothes than she was buried in. There are also a few double exposures of a nude body. Sara interrupts and informs Catherine that a cadet found a trash can with importance to the case.

[S4E8] Exposure


In the A/V lab, Nick and Archie go over the photos from Julie's photo shoot again. Archie separates out the two images from the double exposure, one of which is a car speedometer. They compare that photo to the crime scene photos Catherine took of the car; the speedometers are drastically different. Catherine and Sara are also looking over the photos from the shoot and see that Julie's expressions go from outgoing and flirtatious to worried. Nick interrupts with the news about the speedometers, and Catherine volunteers to compare Julie's autopsy photos to the photos of the naked woman in the double exposures. After comparisons, she tells Sara that the naked pictures weren't of Julie.

According to the American Psychological Association (APA), exposure therapy is a form of psychological treatment that helps you overcome fears by exposing you to them in a safe and controlled environment. Over time, those fears are reduced as you relearn how to interact with the object or situation you are afraid of.

At The Meadows Ranch, we are intentional about the way food is integrated into eating disorder treatment. By exposing our program participants to food in various ways on a daily basis, exposure therapy is woven into the very fabric of their lives.

This unique approach to exposure therapy is just one aspect of a whole-person treatment that takes an in-depth look at the underlying issues and trauma that lead to eating disorders. Eating disorders are about food, but on a deeper level they are about much more, and our goal at The Meadows Ranch is to address those deeper issues to achieve lasting recovery. If you or someone you know is struggling with an eating disorder, contact us today to get started on the path toward healing. 041b061a72


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