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The DundiesThe Office (US) : Season 2 Episode 1 UPD

With each episode only being around 20 minutes, not every Dundies Award or moment was shown on the syndicated version of the episode. But that's not always the case for the DVDs. On the DVD commentary of The Office, Jim was given the Jim Halpert Award in season two.

The DundiesThe Office (US) : Season 2 Episode 1

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On season three, episode one, "Gay Witch Hunt," Michael puts Oscar (Oscar Nuñez) in an uncomfortable position when he reveals Oscar's sexuality to his coworkers. Then Michael makes matters worse by kissing him in front of everyone to "prove" he's not homophobic.

On season four, episode 13, "Dinner Party," Michael and Jan (Melora Hardin) sit down for an excruciatingly awkward dinner with Jim, Pam, Angela, Andy (Ed Helms), Dwight, and Dwight's former babysitter (Beth Grant).

On season seven, episode 21, "Michael's Last Dundies," the office workers invite Michael into the conference room and sing a Dunder Mifflin parody of "Seasons of Love" to honor his time as regional manager.

The first Dundie Awards ceremony was featured in the season 2 episode appropriately titled "The Dundies." The episode set the tone for the season, which allowed the sitcom to find its footing before emerging as a must-watch series for years to come. With the 8th Dundie Awards, Michael tried to nail his MC performance with various alter-egos, but he fell flat. After being heckled by other Chili's patrons, a drunken Pam ended up rallying her coworkers to encourage Michael to continue. Here were the awards he gave out throughout the night:

Leave it to Michael Scott to find a reckless way to host a safety training. After a warehouse safety presentation, Darryl declares that Michael's office job is completely safe. An offended Michael then comes up with a plan to show everyone how dangerous an office job can be by jumping off the roof of the building onto a hidden trampoline. This is the episode that gives us the timeless phrase, "Dwight, you ignorant slut."

This episode, which first aired after Super Bowl XLIII, opens with Dwight staging a fire in the office to see how prepared Dunder Mifflin is for an emergency. The stunt goes wrong, leading to significant damage and causing Stanley to suffer a heart attack from the stress.

Based on the original British series of the same name, The Office on NBC also presented the daily operations of an ordinary paper goods office in single-camera documentary style. The Office starred Steve Carell, Rainn Wilson, John Krasinski, Jenna Fischer, and BJ Novak, and was set in the fictional Scranton, Pa., branch of the Dunder Mifflin Paper Company. The Office was adapted by Greg Daniels and aired for nine seasons from March 24, 2005 to May 16, 2013. During its run, The Office received 42 Emmy Award nominations and won five, including "Oustanding Comedy Series" for season two.

"I said to Greg [Daniels,] I think just in case we get cancelled and this is the season finale we should film an alternate ending to this episode where Pam does tell Jim how she feels and they kiss for real," Fischer said. "Not the Chili's kiss, but the real kiss, just so that we could air it and we don't leave people hanging."

All 201 episodes of The Office (which aired over the course of nine seasons on NBC) are funny in their own right. For this article, it was nearly impossible to select what I thought were the 10 Greatest Episodes of The Office. 041b061a72


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