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Vocabulary For PET (Student Book And Audio) !!LINK!!

Compact Preliminary for Schools is a focused, 50 - 60 hour course for Cambridge English: Preliminary for Schools, also known as Preliminary English Test (PET). The Student's Book features eight topic-based units to maximise the exam performance of school-age learners. The CD-ROM provides interactive grammar, vocabulary and exam skills tasks including listening and the Workbook provides further practice of language and vocabulary. The Audio CD contains the listening material for the Workbook. Student's Book Audio is available separately. Course users have exclusive access to a further practice test with audio via a URL in the Student's Book.

Vocabulary for PET (Student book and Audio)

My basic approach to teaching the literature is to first to read, analyze, discuss and evaluate. However, in this unit, we will watch movies ofSounderandThe Autobiography on Miss Jane Pittmanbefore reading. The reason for seeing the movies before reading is for the purpose of motivation. Since many of my students are reluctant readers, the movies create an interest in reading the books. From past experience, I have found this approach works well with the students. After viewing the movies, we will analyze and discuss some of the related basic philosophic concepts as these relate to the lives of the students. Then the students will study the books to examine vocabulary, literary devices, comprehension and other skill-related activities. 076b4e4f54


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