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Gregory Rozhkov
Gregory Rozhkov

_y _ Cute Looking Babezip

8. Wild Iris Blanket. I love this very special lace pattern for its complex-looking results. But, no worries, it's just worked with simple decreases and yarnovers. The end result is an incredibly lovely floral lace design that appears to morph into itself depending on how you look at it! It's a truly beautiful fabric that lends itself nicely to a blanket of any size. Shop on Ravelry.

_y _ Cute Looking Babezip

When I first opened the Cupcake Storage Bag, I let out a delighted squeal when I found the smaller bag nested in the bigger one. Too cute. My DH had a good laugh at me over that! YES - the bags nest and make a really cute set.

Sarah also sent a cute organizing tote - with more pockets than I've ever seen on a tote! This purple tote has nice, deep, open pockets all around and a great big center pouch. It's also made in a sturdy, high quality canvas with pretty contrast trim piping. It comes in a lot of other great color combos as well. Love it! It's the perfect size for a project. You can keep all the accessories, like post it notes, pens, calculators, gauge ruler, stitch holders, etc. all handy and separate in the outer pockets. The tote is great for any kind of crafting.

Plus, this hat looks super cute on (more photos coming when my 11-month old is up for it!) and knits up quick. The smaller sizes only require 1 ball of Debbie Bliss' Cashmerino Aran yarn. 041b061a72


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