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Buy Here Pay Here Killeen

One of the biggest challenges to getting an auto loan after a repossession is finding a lender in Killeen who can work with you. Generally, lenders want to see at least a year pass since the repossession took place before they'll consider financing you. Most people rely on a car to go about their everyday lives, so being without one for a year can be a challenge. If you need a vehicle immediately, there are some quick options such as visiting a buy here pay here lot or paying cash.

buy here pay here killeen

Our friendly and knowledgeable sales staff is here to help you find the car you deserve, priced to fit your budget. Shop our virtual showroom of used cars, trucks and suv's online then stop by for a test drive.

Since 1999, Long Motors has served Austin with quality used cars, affordable prices, and buy here pay here financing. Our dealership quickly expanded, and offer some of the best used car inventory in our two locations, Austin and Georgetown. With these two major locations, we can serve countless communities all throughout the area including Round Rock, Hutto, Taylor, Killeen, Temple, San Marcos, and more. If you are in need of a great used car from a brand that you can rely on and a dealership team that you can trust, then come out to one of our locations and let us show you what we can do for you.

When it comes to buying or leasing a new or used vehicle, finding the vehicle you'd like to drive home is only half the journey. The other half is finding a finance option that suits your unique needs! Fear not, the finance team here at Dennis Eakin Kia is ready to work with Killeen area drivers to find an auto loan, leasing deal, or finance package! From our team of finance professionals to our array of digital retailing tools, drivers can look forward to a distinctly modern finance experience at Dennis Eakin Kia!

We aim to provide drivers with a host of ways to expedite the finance process! Drivers can utilize our handy Estimate Monthly Payments tool to get an idea of your monthly payments. Another online finance tool available is the Value Your Trade tool. Drivers interested in trading in a vehicle can utilize our Value Your Trade tool to get a vehicle trade-in estimate! Drivers looking to start the loan approval process can get a jump on the process by filling out our online finance application. We're all about convenience, here at Dennis Eakin Kia! If our digital retailing tools aren't ideal, drivers can always contact our finance team to speak with an in-house finance expert!

One of our most popular options is rent-to-own for Rent-A-Center gaming customers, so you might be curious if rent-to-own is the best option for your new gaming system. Making this decision can depend on the type of gamer you consider yourself to be. If you're a legacy gamer who has a stash of obscure Atari and Nintendo cartridges and loves busting out those older games even if they don't look as good as some of the more recent titles, you have the ability with rent-to-own to rent now and make the newest gaming console yours at the end of your rental. Alternatively, if you're a latest-titles-only kind of gamer who won't play a game if it came out more than a week ago, you'd probably be a good candidate to choose a rental. And if you're like most of us, landing somewhere in the middle of the two extremes... well, head to your local Rent-A-Center in Killeen, and our expert staff can help you pick the option that works best for you!

Welcome to TOTAL AUTO GROUP. We now have two locations to service all of your vehicle needs! Visit our 1304 E Rancier Ave location for your vehicle maintenance. Visit our 1806 E Rancier Ave location for our premium inventory for your next upgrade! We have finance programs for all credit types! Good, bad or no credit! Stop thinking your only choice is a buy here pay here! Simply fill out the the application above and an agent will contact you.

No matter what the economy is like, people are going to need reliable transportation to get them to and from their destinations. Cars are an important part of American culture and we love the freedom that they afford us. Our buy here pay here franchise allows people from all walks of life and in communities across the country to enjoy the important benefits of a great used car at an affordable price.

The customer purchased the vehicle on June 24, 2021 and was extended the free 3 month or ***** mile warranty for motor and transmission. Any problems with the motor and/or transmission would be fixed for free within the warranty period. As with any used vehicle over time parts can malfunction and maintenance needs to be performed. Brakes, tires, belts, oil, and other items need to be replaced to keep the vehicle in working condition. Back in January 2022 it was brought to my attention this customer was promised a replacement key for the one broken by **** and we rectified this situation as soon as possible. However, at this time there was no mention of any other issue with the vehicle. There was no mention of zip ties or out of place bolts and screws.

On June 11, 2022 Platinum Autoplex had the vehicle towed to our shop. The mechanics looked over the vehicle. The maintenance manager is willing to replace the alternator and power steering pump on the vehicle, however the transmission on the vehicle needs to be replaced as well. The vehicle will no longer go in reverse. Platinum Autoplex will not replace the transmission for free. In addition to the mechanical issues with the vehicle there is significant body damage that needs to be repaired as well and the customer is responsible for repairing the damage to the exterior of the vehicle. I have included a before photo and after photos of the exterior of the vehicle.

On June 11th, they picked up the car under false pretenses of fixing my car and the problem. With a letter stating they were picking up the car for maintenance. The car broke down twice in one week and I let them everything that was going on. Instead of actually trying to fix the problem, their car dealer, ****** lied and they tried to have someone pick up the car instead. They sent ********************* to try to fix the problem, I asked for a letter stating they were picking up the car for maintenance and I would get it back or a rental in a timely manner. When I called to check on the car, after the 11th, I was met with nothing but excuses and being told they had no clue but the day they picked up the car, I was told by ***********************, their independent contractor that there was power steering fluid in my transmission and the brand new alternator I just put in. So the damage to the inside of the car is not my doing. It was theirs due to their neglect. I will be also putting the videos of me calling and begging for a loaner after I promised one so I could work. I lost wages due to their lies of claiming to help, I'm late on bills even more due, and my 12 year old daughter was almost killed. If possible I would my money back or half.

The independent contractor, ***********************, did pick up the vehicle to be diagnosed, and it was diagnosed. The vehicle was looked at by the shop mechanic, who stated on June 16th that the power steering pump and alternator would be repaired at no cost to the customer due to the zip tie breaking. However, the transmission problem was not a result of the zip tie breaking, so it would be the customer's responsibility to repair the transmission. With the transmission needing to be replaced the vehicle would not have been repaired quickly and Platinum Autoplex does not give out loaner vehicles. There is a sign posted at the front desk stating no loaner vehicles, so even the independent contractor cannot promise a loaner vehicle.

After the vehicle was in our possession we noticed there have been multiple contract violations regarding this vehicle. Per the contract the vehicle must be kept in good condition and repair and you must notify us of any loss or damage to the property. Neither of these conditions have been met. Also, payments must be made in full when due. Even is a vehicle needs to be repaired payments must still be made. Under these violations of the contract we have determined this account to be in default and have exercised our rights under Texas State Law., but it seems she wants Platinum Autoplex to be responsible for the maintenance and damage

Once the claim was filed our insurance specialist attempted to follow up with insurance adjuster regarding the claim, but was unable to speak to them. The insurance specialist reached out on multiple occasions to the adjuster and left a message every time with her call back number. However she never received a call back and after 60 days she filed a complaint with the ***** ********** of ********* to get answers regarding the claim. The insurance specialist never reached out to the customer, because she did not have an update regarding the claim. Around the middle of July the insurance company settled on the claim and mailed Platinum Autoplex the proceeds as is standard procedure when there is a lien holder on the vehicle. The insurance check was received by Platinum Autoplex on August 5th. At that time the proceeds were applied and the remaining customer balance was forgiven.

BBB processes is intended to help parties resolve and address disputes prior to escalations such as going to court. Once litigation has begun, the court process prevails, thus BBB is unable to handle complaints currently in litigation. We encourage you to file a customer review by clicking here. 041b061a72


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