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Stanislav Nazarov
Stanislav Nazarov

We The Kings - Just Keep Breathing

The sound of We The Kings is clear and distinct within Just Keep Breathing. Whilst the evolution of the band is clear, they have not strayed from their emo pop rock roots. On paper, this genre sounds as though it belongs in 2004, but somehow WTK have managed to keep the sound fresh and relevant to the contemporary audience, who are perhaps staunch alternative rockers, or massive One Direction fans. The enthusiasm of the band comes through within this single, and having seen them live I can confirm that they absolutely explode on stage and provide a truly memorable gig. No huge set pieces or fancy tricks, just a group of lads having the time of their life.

We The Kings - Just Keep Breathing

If you enjoy lively, melodic pop rock numbers with catchy choruses and a whole lot of heart behind them then why not try Just Keep Breathing? I am looking forward to hearing the rest of the album from this band, seeing if they keep their sound new and exciting. Hopefully the new album will not just be an echo of their last three studio albums. Whilst these albums are great fun to listen to, a band does best when they evolve musically as well as maturing as people. Looking forward to what Travis and the guys have in store for us!

TC: The album title came first as it was always just an expression we used to remind ourselves to always keep it positive no matter what. We just added it to the song as it seemed to fit well with the vibe of that track.

Look, the most hated stocks of 2020, and in some cases for years before that, are still paying high dividend yields and as much as you might think these stocks are dead and buried, the fact remains that the dividends are still being paid, they are still on the aristocrat and kings lists (yes, there are some pauses in increases, but to me that just buys time to get back on track) and they are still massively huge companies that generate more money than we can count.

He told Athletic colleague Pierre LeBrun that he said he kept mentioning what it might be like to play for the Maple Leafs just to keep the Kings guessing during the lead-up to his contract negotiations in the summer.

Participants described how they learnt to synchronise their breathing with the NIV, which made the experience more bearable. They reported that it was difficult to maintain the synchronisation over a long period of time.P6: You have to adjust to it. You want to take a breath, but the machine decides it's another time you want to take a breath. It's a bit hard sometimes.Cognitive experiences with NIV

P13: I was in the ICU and I are just about died on the way to hospital. I might have stopped breathing in the ambulance, I can remember getting into the ambulance but then don't remember anything else.

Some participants described that access to NIV was crucial for their survival, and expressed a trust in NIV to keep them alive. These participants remarked that NIV could keep them breathing when it was beyond their own capacity to do so. In the future, they would choose to have NIV when recommended by doctors to stay alive. In these descriptions, NIV was portrayed as a safety mechanism for survival.P4: I really got to trust it in my last visit to hospital. 041b061a72


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