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Where To Buy Jitterbug

While some older adults have mastered advanced smartphones like the iPhone, an even larger group needs a smartphone or flip phone more suited to their needs. That's where companies like Lively come in. This company offers two affordable, accessible phones designed specifically for older adults. Both feature hearing aid compatibility, simple menus, a speakerphone, voice-to-text functionality, a long battery life, and add-on health and safety features.

where to buy jitterbug

Price-wise, Lively fares well against the competition. A fully unlimited talk, text, and data plan from Lively costs $49.99 per month, whereas Consumer Cellular charges $55 per month just for unlimited data, unlimited texting, and 250 minutes of talk. Consumer Cellular does have Lively beat with its $35 flip phone, but again, it lacks the advanced health and safety features that Lively is known for.

Urgent Response agents can also provide you help wherever you might be. They are trained to ask questions to help find out how severe your situation may be, help you get the assistance that you need, and can even call 9-1-1 on your behalf, if necessary. With Urgent Response, you can be assured that help is only a button push away!

The numbers on the number pad and the "Yes" and "No" buttons are all marked in large, high-contrast print, and have raised circles around each button to easily differentiate between them. There is also a nib on the 5 key, making it easy to orient yourself to the controls. Unfortunately, the power and speakerphone buttons both use small print and are flush against the phone, making it difficult to find them. This problem is made worse on the graphite phones, where the black buttons do not contrast at all with the background.

At the top of the Jitterbug screen, there is a highlighted bar that tells you where you are in the menu. A highlighted bar at the bottom of the screen prompts you with questions that you answer by pressing "Yes" or "No." You move through the menu items by pressing the "No" button until you reach the menu item you want and then use the up/down rocker to move within each menu item. You press the "Yes" button to select an action.

You may not be able to try out a Jitterbug J before you buy it, because the phones are not available in most retail stores. You can go to the GreatCall website to see if the Jitterbug J is carried by any stores in your area. Or, if you live in the Dallas, Texas, area, you can see the Jitterbug phones by visiting the American Foundation for the Blind's Center on Vision Loss at 11030 Ables Lane. Call (214) 352-7222 to schedule a tour of the center, where you can try out the Jitterbug phones along with many other blindness and low vision products, and find many other options for working and living independently with vision loss.

Curious if you found out if your mother's Jitterbug phone will work with AT&T? I had no choice but to switch my mom to a smartphone, and even getting the easiest to use available on their network, she still has a hard time with it a year later. I would prefer to be able to purchase an unlocked jitterbug phone and move it to the AT&T network instead of switching networks.

I purchased a Jitterbug smart 2 phone and the AT&T tech help was helpLESS as well as the Jitterbug tech. Really disappointed that they were clueless. Can not believe that AT&T at least provide their techs with info regarding the jitterbug phones. By the way I entered the IMEI number and it said the phone was compatible with AT&T. So misinformation there. We spent 2 plus hours trying to make it work. Got text messages but then they would disappear and the phone hang up during set up then would finally give an error code 5. Which was not determined what that meant. Initial chat support was very helpful tho, and agreed that the phone was compatible according the IMEI number, but could not get the phone to respond remotely. Directed us to "advanced tech department" with was VERY DISAPPOINTING. I am sure there are a lot of older folks out there who have tried as I have and it would seem that the techs should have some information as to whether the phone will work or not.

In short, the app and portal provide the caregiver with complete control over the RAZ Memory Cell Phone from anywhere in the U.S. or Canada. The senior, on the other hand, does not have any control or access to settings. This is done so that the complexity is assumed by the caregiver, while the senior experiences maximum simplicity.

RAZ Mobility offers an optional emergency service. The service is designed for cases where users imagine emergencies and frequently call 911, needlessly tying up emergency resources. With the service, emergency calls are directed to a private emergency dispatch agent rather than 911. The agent knows that the caller has memory loss, or other medical conditions, and will determine whether to contact 911 guided by this knowledge. Also, when a senior calls the Emergency service, up to three caregivers will receive text messages, providing them with the opportunity to cancel the emergency alert, preventing unnecessary calls to 911. The service costs $79.99 annually. In the alternative, it costs $7.99 monthly with a one-time activation fee of $19.99. 041b061a72


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