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Brent Christensen
Brent Christensen

Handmade ~UPD~

We're American artists crafting handmade, meaningful gifts for life's milestones and everyday celebrations. Since 1999 our studio has produced modern and classic home goods, custom engraved jewelry, pewter Holiday ornaments, and personalized baby gifts to be enjoyed for a lifetime. Made in Rhode Island, USA


Our pretzels are handmade with love and care by our bakers in upstate New York. We source our flour from small farms throughout the northeast and use techniques crafted over generations to create a unique and delicious pretzel for sharing with friends and family. Visit us at our market stands in New York City or order online.

Our products are 100% authentic handmade from Colombia. It takes about one month for one bag to be knitted. Each Mochila is a piece of art and very unique. Yancy Handmade bags are made by indigenous of the Wayuu Tribe, the Arhuaco Tribe, Mokana Tribe, Zenu Tribe and Morroa artisans from Colombia. Every purchase you make will be supporting indigenous communities of La Guajira and other colombian communities and preserve their values. All products are fair trade with the Wayuu communities in respect of their values, traditions, and cultural beliefs.

Whereas something homemade can have a negative connotation that describes something plain or amateurish because it was made at home instead of by a professional, handmade can allude to luxury in some cases. For example: While in Italy, he decided to splurge on handmade leather shoes and a custom suit. Similarly, the word bespoke has come into fashion as a way to describe things that are individually tailored.

Homemade and handmade are synonyms and only have slight differences depending on the intended meaning. In addition to being similar because of the shared origin, they both refer to something that is crafted personally and by hand.

Theo Chocolate is the first organic, fair trade certified bean to bar chocolate maker in North America. To this day, we remain committed to creating a positive impact with the chocolate used in our organic and fair trade handmade confections.

Our assortment of chocolate confections is limited in availability and handmade in small batches in our Confection Kitchen in Seattle, Washington. Additionally, these small-batch chocolate confections are made using organic and fair trade ingredients.

Handmade By Sara Kim is a collection of designs that is defined by feminine self-expression with each hairpiece, jewelry, card and more all 100% handmade. Our inspiration comes from the love of music, art, and color. My name is Sara Kim and everything handmade by me has a secret ingredient: with every touch comes a bit of love.

at lovelight handmade all of our candles are made with the highest quality soy coconut wax & all natural fragrance oils. each candle is nontoxic & phthalate free. all of our products are handmade in our studio located in asbury park, new jersey.

I've been a big fan of handmade. la conner ever since a friend gave me a jar of their Lemon + Lavender lotion for my birthday a few years ago. Since then, I've tried many of their products, purchased from their website (their Christmas Advent wreath was so neat!), and visited their charming store in La Conner, WA, and can say only good things about it all. If you want to support a woman-owned small business with lovely natural skin, hair, and home care products, you can't go wrong. Robyn puts a lot of care and thought into her work and it really shows. 350c69d7ab


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