Christmas Fun Fiesta

A Christmas Fun Fiesta is held every alternate year in the school grounds. It is a day of fun, relaxation and excitement for all the children, parents, teachers, grandparents and ex-parents. The school wears a very festive look with lots of attractions for the little ones – A craft bazaar where children take part in craft activities of their choice; stalls with demonstration & participation of different art forms; a music station with sing along fun; fun games; little chefs in the making; stalls with mouth-watering eats; a play station area, soft gym and a fantastic Mom’s Bake Stall which is a very unique feature of our Fiestas - colourful, beautifully laid out with yummy goodies all baked & provided by our very talented moms. The proceeds from this stall are given regularly to an NGO ‘Bal Sahyog’ and in this way we fulfill our social responsibility also.

Our Fun Fiesta is a fine example of a joint effort by the staff, teachers, children and parents of Pumpkin House which provides a very happy day for all of us!