Annual Day 2020

Date :-Sunday 1st of March 2020

Time:-10:30 am

Venue:- Pumpkin House Grounds

The Annual Day concert held at Pumpkin House is a visual delight as it is a musical extravaganza for the parents and grandparents of the school. All the little ones of the school are a part of the programme and display their talent in a medley of events ranging from dance, drama, music, story time yoga, karate and much more!

The event is a culmination of a year of learning fun activities, which aim at developing their confidence, clarity of speech, ability to deal with new situations, comprehension, physical coordination and most important happiness while doing it. As we believe in total participation, every single child of the school from two to four years is up on the stage and doing whatever little they can do and it’s a programme parents, teachers & children look forward to!