Grandparents Day

The much awaited event of the year Grandparents Day is here! We are all gearing up to create special memories with the children's grandparents with music, craft, science excitements, games and other fun activities.

Grandparents play a very important role in a child’s growing up years these days. They are special to every child and their bedtime stories are an integral part of everyone’s childhood. In celebration of that we have a Grandparents day at Pumpkin House when all the grandparents are invited to share a ‘fun day’ with their grand children and have a peep into a day full of activities with their little ones. There is music, dance, fun games, pottery, crafti ideas and lots more. Grandparents also actively participate showing their talents and creativity. Their excitement and enthusiasm can be seen from the fact that they come in early and don’t want to leave even when it is time to go. It is a day greatly cherished by the children, grandparents and teachers alike!