Curriculum & Programmes

Play way & Montessori method of teaching

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Pumpkin House believes that teacher facilitated and child oriented curriculum is best suited to prepare a child for the adventure of lifelong love for learning. Here they are involved in meaningful, challenging, enjoyable & goal oriented activities in which they can be successful and thus develop positive feelings about themselves. Here, we encourage the young ones to find out answers themselves through the process of discovery. The first three years of a child’s life sees the most rapid changes than at any other time, due to all the new experiences the child has. He/she is constantly asking ‘why’ and ‘how’ as at this time the brain is most flexible and prepared to learn. These early learning experiences are crucial determining factors and will ultimately affect how a child will performs later in mainstream schooling.

The focus of our programs is on building on the language ability, logical reasoning, numeric ability, scientific thought, problem solving and cognitive development of the child. At Pumpkin House we encourage children to express themselves through different media, be it dance, music, art, drama & role play, show & tell and various other self expressive activities. It is very important to have choice time for children at this age.This is encourged when they go the Activity room which has different centres.The children can go to the centre of their choice and work there. The Activity room provides centres related to the their daily life—Be it the kitchen & dinnig area, the play area, the shopping area or the bedroom area.Thus the children learn to exercise their choices and make decisions.We, at Pumpkin house strive to ensure that we give a safe, healthy and nurturing space for our children to learn and grow and try to instill the right values in them.

Age Groups
18 months - 2 years - ‘Bunnies’ (Toddlers)
2 yrs - 2 ½ years - ‘Bambies’ (Play Group)
2 ½ yrs - 3 years - ‘Teddies’ ( Junior Pre-Nursery)
3 yrs - ‘Giraffes’ (Senior Pre-Nursery)
4 yrs - ‘Nursery’
5 yrs - ‘Kindergarten’