About Us

The Educators & Management Team

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What are eminent educationists, dancers, artists, cartoonist doing in a play school…..?

They are at Pumpkin House stimulating your child’s imagination! Pumpkin House is supported by a team of eminent personalities from the field of education, dance, fine arts, music, theater to make learning fun and challenging for your child.

Educationist                                                   - Mr Shashank Vira
Padam Bhusan Sitar Maesho                       - Pt Debu Chaudhri
Padam Bhusan Kathak exponent                - Uma Sharma
Author & biographer                                     - Uma Vasudev
Cartoonist                                                      - Sudhir Tailang

---------- are among the guest faculty at Pumpkin House to stimulate your child’s imagination right from the start. It is important that the school has an association with eminent personalities from all walks of life who can interact with the kids and also guide the school its endeavour of achieving its vision.


Leading the team as principal is Mrs Veena Khosla, a well known educationist and specialist in Early Child hood Education. Finishing her training in London, she taught there for three years. Back in India she worked in some of the most prestigious school in India including Cathedral & JohnConnan, Bombay, La Martinere Calcutta Delhi Public School, R. K. Puram where she founded and headed the infant school for ten years before moving to Pumpkin House. Combining a deep love for children with a scientific child development approach she brings to Pumpkin House a teaching experience of almost thirty years. Under her leadership, the school has grown and developed very high standards of children’s structured and goal oriented programs.

A young team of professionals – Deepa and Batush Pal started Pumpkin House ten years ago on Sept. 1st 2003 because the cause of pre-primary and primary education lies the closest to their hearts. Deepa Pal , who is the director of Pumpkin is a visionary who sees great things ahead for education in this area. The layout, infrastructure and the colours used bear witness to the fact.

A lifelong dream, a passion, a longing, a drive within her to create a beautiful world of learning for young minds, pushed Deepa Pal into the foray of Play Schools and Education. At every step, she has been the guiding force, sometimes as the leader, sometimes as the nurturer, sometimes as one of them, taking on different roles for one single purpose – a sunshine experience for little children so that they move swiftly into a better brighter happier world. 

With over 15 years of experience behind her in the area of education, she has been working and involved in end number of projects such as planning and structuring new schools, closely working as a team with school management, policy planning, curriculum formulation & evaluation of teaching. 

With a background in child psychology & child development, she understands the needs and interests of toddlers and this special knowledge helps her to bring her expertise to the ongoing and never ending process in the fields of curriculum research, program design &development & teacher training to create the best learning experience possible.

Not just that, she extends herself selflessly even further by contributing to an N.G.O. called Bal Sahyog which looks after over 100 orphans and also ensures that their education is taken care of which is followed by technical training later.

By doing this, she sets a fine example towards social responsibility, compassion and love, which trickles down effortlessly at all levels of her staff which in turn transcends into a perfect learning system for little minds – little hands and feet, little shoulders which will one day be strong enough to bare the weight of this world…. With a smile.


Ever smiling Pumpkin House teachers are loving, patient, creative, innovative and well spoken. They are qualified with either Nursery Training, B’Eds or have had two years teaching experience in a reputed school. Hard work, research and ability to innovate are important prerequisites for the faculty at Pumpkin House.