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A child’s natural and essential environment is his/her home and the best teacher – the mother. Nevertheless, around the age of eighteen to twenty months a child needs another environment, a wider field of exploration with other children, an educational and playful environment that caters to the needs felt at that time. And this is where Pumpkin House, with its warm colourful secure environment steps in.

Our board based program is designed to whet the children’s appetite for a lifetime of learning and to spark off the thrill in contributing new ideas. For true education, after all is not the filling of a pail but the igniting of a fire and we believe that this fire is best kindled in the child’s early formative years. During this crucial period, children develop essential language and cognitive skills required to learn, develop their ability to manage emotions and stress and learn to work and play with one another. The key abilities that we at Pumpkin House focus on are:

  • Musical
  • Spatial
  • Sensorial
  • Self help skills.
  • Making choices
  • Development of language skills.
  • Social and interpersonal skills.
  • Looking after the environment.
  • Awareness of the world around them.
  • Logical reasoning and mathematical skills